my sister

a gentle laugh, she giggled radiating an emotion so soft, yet so strong the sensation of being swallowed […]

I Am

Oh,  L O U D  Joy.Music lavished with culture Instrument crowding the song MelodíaQuick.       Rápido.Strong. FUERTE.laughtercheers, chatter Fused […]

Where Heaven and Earth Meet

After I took my bowsEntered a whitewashed cinder block room,Searching for family congratulating me. Amidst the clamor stood […]

What is Peace?

What is peace? To be honest I don’t know. But does anyone really? Is it a trip to […]

We’re Next

Imagine a world where everything is perfect.Trees blooming, flowers blossoming,Bird’s chirping, and the sun beaming.Everything is at peace, […]


Communication is best with wordsBut what if I do not have anything to say?What if the sentences you […]

To Strive for the -ing

The words you spoke burned me out like a wildfireAnd I loved it Like a red-hot iron, you […]

There Is No More Green

There is no more green Just red, orange, and yellowThe sun doesn’t come up anymore And the weather is chiller I […]

The Visit

When we were kids everything was greatWe told each other everythingHe taught me what it wasYears went by […]

The Silence of My Worries

The silence of my worries fulfilled my heartI sat in the beaming sun watching the birds harpNot thinking […]