The Safe Place

What is a safe place?A place for restA place to wash one’s faceA place to do one’s bestBut […]

The Lamp Post

My breath fogged up the window as I stared outside The snow fell softly on to the untouched ground Darkness […]

The Howling Wind

My hands are cold from the howling windThey are clammy and creep with veinsMy cheeks are rosy from […]

Something I Wish I Had

Peace is something I wish I hadBut working everyday makes me mad.I try so hard and get nowhereso […]

Someone Read Your Poem

Every time you pulled at the sleeves of your sweaterEvery time you slouched deep into your chairEvery time […]

Soft Buttercup

Her eyes were furious, but her hair was soft buttercup.Her words were hostile, but her hair was giddy;Chasing […]

Rhythm And Poetry

I picked it up in seventh-grade and wasn’t paid to do itthe impact on my life was like […]

Pick Your Poison

Winter isn’t shy tonight,I shiver in my skin of pale whiteAnd green with envy, for youYou’ll leave to […]

Peaceful Beauty

If I could describe the peaceful scene I would say it was misplaced I sat there wondering how […]