The Girl in Black

Cleo, Anthem, and I were inseparable. We were the best of friends, we had been closer than sisters […]

Blueberry Pie

February 25, 2016. I shivered. The rain had thoroughly soaked through my dress, and some ambitious drops had […]


“Look at the sky!” “It’s the same one we saw last night.” “But look at all the stars!” […]


I can’t remember a time without him being there, it’s as if we were even born together. We […]

Trail of Tears

Chapter 1 It was the third day in the celebration of Nv-da ko-la, or the Bone Moon. Food […]

A Cautionary Tale

It all started when he heard the snoring. Benny, a small five year old boy, couldn’t even hear […]

Wails in the Wind

Donovan didn’t want to be in Ireland. He wanted to be anywhere but here. Did he have friends […]