I sleepwalk. I know I sleepwalk. However, I never thought that my bad habit of roaming around at […]

Robot Tragedy

4094: BOOM! That was the noise that Fort Genesia made when it exploded from Timone’s bomb. A 20-year […]

The Divorce

My parents have been divorced for over ten years and the process and aftermath of it made my […]

Defining Character

A beautiful woman wearing a white button-down blouse and a nude skirt stands in the center of the […]

The Free Trial

The blazing summer sun shined through my bedroom window as the hum of the air conditioning drowned my […]


Marion. That was the name he had chosen. He couldn’t remember his birth name, if he ever had […]

Night Sounds

Wynne adjusted the blue headband in the mirror, her hands brushing her hair back and out of her […]