Peaceful Beauty

If I could describe the peaceful scene I would say it was misplaced

I sat there wondering how it came to be
How it seemed to speak to me
How it told tales of the many wars and fights it has seen

It even saw my father who is proudly a Marine
But even after all these scenes the sun would surely not disappear
It came up the next day looking more beautiful than just the day before

It slowly descended down to give someone else, somewhere else a peek at its beauty
The sky held everyone’s secrets and held them there till their last breath
But before it left, I took a look at the fruity colors above me
I looked up and saw the beautiful sky painted in shades of red, yellow, orange, and even pink

They blended themselves easily making a wonderful sight around this beach
I couldn’t comprehend how it gave off such detail over the surface of land and sea
I found myself lost staring, until it started to disappear

The sun looked ready to say goodbye
So I said my farewells

As I sat up and walked back home with all these jumbled thoughts
I heard the Little Heron splashing near a creek nearby
I even passed some baby turtles taking their first steps to the shore
With the clear waves crashing against the sand meeting these beautiful creatures

I knew one thing for sure that day I surely wouldn’t miss
I would be back tomorrow to get lost again amid the