The Visit

When we were kids everything was great
We told each other everything
He taught me what it was
Years went by and he moved away
He visits
We were both so Happy
Reminiscing about the past
And having fun with childhood friends
Then it’s just us
Only US
But HE saw me different now
He saw me as something I wasn’t
Please No
An object
I didn’t know what to say
How did I get myself into this 
He wouldn’t stop
I’m trapped
Get me out of this.
My feelings changed.
And as I sat there I thought-
This is my Fault.
I’m trapped by:
These actions
These emotions
This pain
This stranger took away that old friend
And that stranger-
He replaced it with
empty smiles and memories filled with bruises

*The author of “The Visit” reached out to the Bishop O’Connell counseling department following school-wide Respect Assembly. The assembly addressed serious issues of mental health, including suicide, peer pressure and overcoming.