What is Peace?

What is peace?
To be honest I don’t know.
But does anyone really? Is it a trip to the beach,
Or driving with the wind in your face listening to your favorite songs?

For me, it’s being somewhere without stress,
For me, it’s having no worries at all.
Not worrying about if someone likes you,
Or if people are judging you.

You can find peace anywhere,
You just have to look around.
You can find peace in the busiest of places,
Or in pure silence.
Some people are calm in the chaos,
Some people prefer to be alone with themselves.

So what is peace?
To be honest I don’t quite know,
And maybe I will never understand peace.
And why sometimes it gets lost in seas of people and places,
But how can also get found in those same places.

But it’s up to you to decide what peace means for you.
And for the people who don’t know,
We’ll just have to keep looking.
Hoping one day we find what works for us.
But we’re just in high school,
And part of the beauty is chaos.
Don’t worry about finding peace.
It will find you.