Where Heaven and Earth Meet

After I took my bows
Entered a whitewashed cinder block room,
Searching for family congratulating me.
Amidst the clamor stood my grandma, beaming,
For my “amazing” performance.
My only fan.
We reached her apartment,
It seemed as if nothing had changed as we went to the store and bought ice cream.
We walked underneath a green canopy of twigs and vines, giggled and chatted,
As if nothing had changed.
But then my heart grew heavy,
And I had to sit down as melancholy surged through me.
“What’s wrong?” she asked, her eyebrows furrowed.
“You’re dead,” I replied. “How can we keep communicating if you’re dead?”
My brain was stunned at what I had uttered.
But she just smiled and said, “As long as you write to me, I’ll answer.”
I awoke to my dim bedroom,
My grandma gone,
Dream over.