Robot Tragedy

4094: BOOM! That was the noise that Fort Genesia made when it exploded from Timone’s bomb. A 20-year old, handsome, chiseled man with green eyes and brown hair stealthily ran away from the flames behind him. He needed a headstart from the robots.

Normally Timone ran with sonic speed, but he was held down by the bag of intel he collected from the Fort. Hopping onto the old subway tracks, he sprinted with all his might back to Yarvin, the abandoned base he found shortly after his mom threw him through a crevice in the wall to save him from being captured by the robots when they came after them. 

Nothing in the laws of nature should’ve supported an average-sized boy fitting through a crevice in the wall, but if there’s one thing to learn from Timone, he didn’t abide by the laws of nature. He didn’t regret blowing up Fort Genesia, or any of the robot camps in the past 10 years. His hatred for robots was beyond compare.

Timone could not  forget his mother, Euniqua’s, wails of pain from when the robots took her  that fateful day. He was eight years old. He began filing through the intel, after locking the doors. Timone realized that these were the files for the city of Tashyyk. 

Maybe I can find Euniqua, he thought while scanning through the names of the citizens. 

He read the words “Project Cyborg” and looked at what the robots did to the humans they captured. It was hard for him to look at. The robots would build a metallic skeletal interior and cover it with the prisoner’s flesh, substituting their eyes for glowing red bulbs. They would take out their voice box and put in the cyborg, make it sound like a normal human. The robots would take their brains and stuff them into the cyborg. 

It said that the people of Tashyyk were scheduled to have the cyborg surgery at the Shaol Base. Timone had to save Euniqua before she became a cyborg. 

He started his journey to Shaol, with the intent to free his mother and destroy the base. On the way, he saw wanted posters with his name on them.

Shaol entered into his view. He snuck through the back door, and army-crawled through the air

vents to the dungeon. The cells were shut in steel, with just a voice box for communication.

Timone ran as fast as he could. After what seemed like forever, he found it. The name “Euniqua” on the top of a cell wall. 

Timone didn’t know what to expect when he turned on the voice box.

“Hello? Who’s there?” 

Timone was shocked. it sounded just like Euniqua, but sadder.

“It’s Timone! I’m here to save you,” he said after a pause. Euniqua and Timone talked for about 30 minutes, joyfully catching on life. 

“I need to get you out of here,”Timone said. Using his card to break the lock, and one of his silencer bombs to break open the door, he welcomed Euniqua with open arms. Timone did not sense anything human through the fog. After the dust cleared, he saw a disfigured flesh blob with glowing red eyes staring back at him.

“What are you?” Timone asked. He heard clanking.

“Timone, I’m sorry. They programmed me to do it. I love you”. 

Timone stood in shock, tears filling his eyes. He wasn’t focused on the robots about to ambush him from behind. All he could think of was how his mother betrayed him.

He felt a needle stab him from behind and fell to the floor in a haze. He woke up in a dark cell, with a bit of light from the lamp. He felt groggy and his joints felt stiff. Timone then realized his entire body was messed up. His skin was flappy, and everything seemed fuzzy.

Timone shakily stood up to look at the mirror in the corner of the room. Staring back at him were glowing red eyes, and to the side of the mirror was the name Ti-389. Timone looked into the mirror. Looking back at him was the very thing he swore to destroy.